Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take for orders to start?

Orders are usually processed manually within 24 hours.

Are the views, likes, subscribers, Followers ... safe and permanent?

Those are real accounts, all service safe and permanent.

Do I need to lend my account by giving my password to have my subscribers, views, likes ...?

We do not need any information of this type: email, password ...

Can a person know if I bought your services?

We do not in any case and under any pretext reveal the identity of our customers. Our services are 100% confidential.
Other users have no way of knowing if you have used our services.

If I don\'t have a bank card, can I pay otherwise?

We also accept paypal, Skrill, payoneer and other means of payment. For this, please contact us

What are the advantages of having more views, followers, likes or subscribers example?

Buying youtube views and twitter or instagram followers will allow you to increase your visibility in the results of a instagram , twitter, facebook or Youtube search based on your keywords.
Users are more tempted to watch videos with more likes and subscribers than those with few. The world calls the world.

Is it possible to monetize my video when purchasing views?

You can activate monetization on your YouTube videos during the promotion.
(It is preferable to deactivate Adstream ads)

Where do folowers, likes, subscribers, views come from?

They come from our promotion techniques on social networks.

Are subscribers / followers active?

Subscribers do as they please, we cannot force them to participate. However if they are interested in your content, they will participate.

Do views, subscribers or likes get removed after a while?

Normally no. However, if it turns out that your followers, likes, views, subscribers decrease, we give them back. (Orders are guaranteed some services 30 days or some services lifetime guaranteed )

Are payments secure?

Yes, we have SSL security built into our paypal payment platform.

Are your services legal?

Of course ! Our methods are perfectly legal.